The Capitalist University

Dado a urgência de enfrentar as reformas em andamento para a educação no Brasil, vou postar aqui em inglês um artigo escrito pelo historiador Henry Heller que oferece um resumo de seu novo livro, The Capitalist University: The Transformations of Higher Education in the United States, 1945-2016. Heller ministra aula na University de Manatoba, na Canadá, onde 1.200 professores e funcionários encontram-se em greve desde 1 de novembro, 2016, contra reformas neoliberais.

Nota-se que, para o campo, a universidade é extremamente importante como produtor de conhecimento e quadros para o desenvolvimento territorial humana.

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin … No. 1328 … November 10, 2016

Protesting the Capitalist University

The University of Manitoba is on strike. Since 1st November, more than 1,200 faculty members took to the picket line to protest the lack of funding for education, a need for workload protection and safeguarding for fairer tenure and promotion procedures, in addition to addressing several job security issues for instructors and librarians. Author of The Capitalist University, Henry Heller is a professor of History at the University of Manitoba, he writes here of the strike and how the walkout resonates with the themes of his book.

Henry Heller

Authors don’t often get to live out the denouement of their books. Yet that is what is happening to me as I blog. On 20 October Pluto published The Capitalist University. Its last chapter deals with the development of the neoliberal university and the growing resistance to it on the part of faculty and students and other workers. Two weeks have gone by and I find myself on a picket line at the University of Manitoba on a faculty strike
against the neoliberal university. As we stand vigil at the gates of the University the days are rapidly shortening and getting colder. Overhead the geese are quickly and excitedly fleeing to the south. But each morning since 1 November I find myself on the morning shift defying the university’s attempt to impose total control over the work of professors
and librarians at our university. We are an important part of a rising tide of class struggle developing both inside and outside of universities across the globe against the ravages of neoliberal capitalism.
The heyday of the universities came between 1945-80 at the height of the Cold War and was marked by massive support from government including the military for universities. Universities defined their mission as directed to public service and strove to create knowledge which had both practical as well as theoretical aspects. In the humanities and social sciences a few scholars even pursued a critical knowledge which sought disinterested truth in the analysis of ideas and society. The climax of this era came in the
1960s when unprecedented student protests over civil rights, the U.S. war in Vietnam and bureaucratic domination over university life spilled over into society at large and led to challenges to the capitalist order.
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